Promotion Set C - Hand Sanitizer Set

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Hand Sanitizer 

All natural hand sanitizer made from wheat derived alcohol. 99.99% of germs can be killed using this hand sanitizer with moisturising and non-irritating formulation. The protection can last up to two hours on skin. 


Ingredients list:

Plant based ethanol, Isopropyl alcohol, jojoba oil, sodium hyaluronate, plant based glycerin, xanthan gum, yuzu extract


Olé Beauty Hand Sanitizer has 99.9% anti-microbial effectiveness and effective on:

  • Corona virus (冠狀病毒)
  • Gram-positive bacteria (革蘭氏陽性菌):99.9%
  • Gram-negative bacteria (革蘭氏陰性菌):99.9%
  • Mycobacterium (分枝桿菌):99.9% [搓手液需停留於皮膚5分鐘或以上]
  • Virus (病毒):99.9% [大部分感冒病毒],Rabies(狂犬病除外) 
  • Fungi (真菌):50% 


Safe to use : Pregnancy, children and pets


Free From: Triclosan, Silicone,Mineral oil,Paraben,SLS/SLES

Olé Beauty's products are all Vegan and Cruelty Free