Work for Nature

Why is biodegradability important?

The ocean is eventually the final destination of the water after we washed hands and showered. After using the products which contain chemical foaming agents, it will also be drained to the ocean, the chemical foaming agents will pursue vigorously and create more foams instead of being digested into the ocean by microorganisms. This will cause great harm to our mother earth, environment and biochemistry. 

We have chosen botanical foaming agents, Sodium Cocoyl Glutamate, Decyl Glucoside, Plant-based Glucosides for Olé Beauty Aromatic Hand and Body Wash. These foaming agents not only can create fine and dense foam, they have high ability on cleansing and are suitable for sensitive skin. 

In Olé Beauty, we only choose botanical ingredients, which is safe for well-being, mother earth; raw materials that are renewable and sustainable. We believe we could strive to protect the nature, our mother earth together with our choice.